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REDEFINE™ based solutions

Offer acceleration of safety critical applications on reconfigurable hardware to meet the requirements of Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) and Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) in avionics.

Accelerate compute-intensive data-parallel SIMD and task-parallel MIMD applications with optimal power usage, spanning applications from next generation health-care to smart appliances.

Product: Our Technology

Support a wide range of mixed critical applications for autonomous vehicles (SAE levels 2 and above).

Product: Our Technology

Enable virtualization in hardware to meet the quality of service requirements of next generation telecom networks.

Product: Our Technology
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In the current evolution of processors, specially in the embedded world, performance resides in parallel architecture. In this domain, the dynamic allocation of software within a matrix of cores is a very promising technology we have accompanied for years, because it was an elegant solution to solve many issues we face on a daily basis.

First of all the parallelization of software is done in a rigorous way by the compiler, splitting the code in independent entities, and this is a huge progress in engineering.

Second: the cores can be deactivated if proven in failure, and the software can be reallocated automatically, giving an elegant way to graceful degradation.

Third: the software can be sent several times in the matrix, and it gives intrinsic replication.

Fourth: the software being allocated at the very moment of execution, the software is very difficult to trap, and it increases the resilience to cyberattacks.

"For Safran, this SoC, once available, will be a breakthrough in computer technology."

Francois Neumann

VP, Scientific & Research Partnerships
Safran Electronics & Defense

Top 50 Finalist

(Top 6 in Data & AI Track) in Hello Tomorrow Global Startup Summit Paris (2016)

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