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  • Uncover new solutions for next generation avionics, automotive, telecom and HPC.

  • Field-upgrade growing needs of your applications on self-reconfigurable hardware.

  • Meet diverse application requirements on a single chip.

  • Run your applications in a safe, secure and high availability environment.


The complex requirements of the aerospace and avionics sector can be met with distributed hardware-software solutions. REDEFINE™’s architecture allows for runtime monitoring, addresses redundancy at multiple levels, and ensures intelligent, secure, reactive control for functions like:

Flight Control

Aircraft Management

Collision Avoidance

Interested in developing PoC for Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) and Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC)?

Airplane Wing
Applications: Services

In the era of automation, our vehicles are poised to be driver-assisted with better, real-time, complex decision making functionality. REDEFINE™ offers ASIC-class latency with the potential to reconfigure your hardware based on specific needs for critical applications like:

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

Collision Avoidance

Traffic Signal Recognition

Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) Communication

We will partner with you to co-develop PoCs for SAE levels 2 through 5.

Applications: Services

Telecommunication networks need to provide robust connectivity across large geographies, and are often crippled by low power availability, high site service costs, and the risk of malware attacks. REDEFINE™'s distributed architecture offers spatial and temporal isolation for critical tasks while allowing dynamic re-provisioning for functions like:

Network Slicing

Network Function Virtualisation (NFV)


Partner with us to co-develop 5G network processing applications on REDEFINE™.

Applications: Service

Data processing and analytics are crucial across the domains of engineering, science, and business, with technology ramping up toward high performance computing functions. REDEFINE™’s SoC architecture can meet the three challenges of HPC, namely, computing, networking, and storage - with the added advantages of being low-power, lightweight, and reconfigurable. We envision augmented HPC abilities in the fields of:


Big Data Analytics

Virtual Reality (VR)/Augmented Reality (AR)

Accelerate your applications on REDEFINE™.

Applications: Service

The team offers additional advisory services for systems integration.

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