• Uncover new solutions for next generation avionics, automotive, telecom and HPC.

  • Field-upgrade growing needs of your applications on self-reconfigurable hardware.

  • Meet diverse application requirements on a single chip.

  • Run your applications in a safe, secure and high availability environment.


The complex requirements of the aerospace and avionics sector can be met with distributed hardware-software solutions. REDEFINE™’s architecture allows for runtime monitoring, addresses redundancy at multiple levels, and ensures intelligent, secure, reactive control for functions like:

Flight Control

Aircraft Management

Collision Avoidance

Interested in developing PoC for Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) and Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC)?

Airplane Wing

In the era of automation, our vehicles are poised to be driver-assisted with better, real-time, complex decision making functionality. REDEFINE™ offers ASIC-class latency with the potential to reconfigure your hardware based on specific needs for critical applications like:

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

Collision Avoidance

Traffic Signal Recognition

Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) Communication

We will partner with you to co-develop PoCs for SAE levels 2 through 5.


Telecommunication networks need to provide robust connectivity across large geographies, and are often crippled by low power availability, high site service costs, and the risk of malware attacks. REDEFINE™'s distributed architecture offers spatial and temporal isolation for critical tasks while allowing dynamic re-provisioning for functions like:

Network Slicing

Network Function Virtualisation (NFV)


Partner with us to co-develop 5G network processing applications on REDEFINE™.


Data processing and analytics are crucial across the domains of engineering, science, and business, with technology ramping up toward high performance computing functions. REDEFINE™’s SoC architecture can meet the three challenges of HPC, namely, computing, networking, and storage - with the added advantages of being low-power, lightweight, and reconfigurable. We envision augmented HPC abilities in the fields of:


Big Data Analytics

Virtual Reality (VR)/Augmented Reality (AR)

Accelerate your applications on REDEFINE™.


The team offers additional advisory services for systems integration.